Bangkok on a Budget

Is it possible to visit Bangkok on a budget? The simple answer to that is yes, and no. You see, you can still get a budget hotel and eat budget food, but you can also stay at an expensive 5 star hotel and eat at fancy restaurants. So, it’s really up to you.

To give you an idea, you can get a hostel for just a few dollars a night. You can eat street food for a buck a meal. So, yes, it can be really cheap. If you can tolerate that kind of lifestyle then for sure, you can visit Bangkok on the cheap.

If you are going to drink alcohol though, that’s where it will start to eat into your budget. Although drinks are pretty cheap at bars and restaurants, when you are drinking sometimes you lose control and end up buying more drinks – it is that easy. So it can really add up.

You can go to a 711 (which is everywhere I might add) and buy beer there which is quite cheap. That’s your best bet if on a budget but also must drink.


To get around, the cheapest way is by either the BTS which is an above rail system, the local bus or a motorcycle taxi. If you need to take a regular car taxi, make sure the taxi is metered. If not, they will try to scam you out of your money. Not all taxi drivers do this but you can be guaranteed that you will be charged more than a Thai person. To get the same rate as a Thai person, just make sure the taxi meter is used. They can’t change that so you won’t get ripped off.


There is plenty of entertainment in Bangkok depending on what you like. If you like girly bars then you can visit Soi Cowboy or Nana Plaza. Both have a lot of beer bars and go-go bars for you to see. Lots of sexy Thai ladies work there and they are yours to take home if you wish. This will surely kill your budget with these girls because you’ll have to pay.

If you want to meet girls and not pay for them, you need to get out of the touristy areas. Some places like RCA will have a lot of Thai clubs where mostly the locals go and you won’t find many foreigners there. The thing is the girls are not used to farangs so if you try to pick one up, you better not appear douchey like a lot of foreigners look like there. This is because a lot do go there for the booming sex industry and a lot of Thai women that are not bar girls are aware of this.

You can also meet girls online. Tinder is very popular in Thailand as well as some other dating sites but you’ll have to pay for those. So just stick to Tinder. Be aware though that some of the hot girls on there are not actually girls but ladyboys. It’s very hard to tell ladyboys apart from real women online in pictures so just read the profile because ladyboys are pretty forthcoming about this. Just be respectful and move on if it is not your cup of tea.

Rounding Up

So I hope that this mini guide on Bangkok on a budget was helpful to you. Just remember to deal with Thai businesses only and avoid anything brand name, that way you will save money.

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